Penelopean robotics revisited

After their adventures of 2021, it's time to revisit and rework the design of the Penelopean Woven Robots. These robots were originally created to weave braids around a maypole, with their form and construction depicting a kind of alternative future where the ancient Greeks went on to design modern technology embedded with their science of the woven cosmos.

Vaxcraft at Canada's Science Literacy Week

Our Vaxcraft installation had its first public use as part of a day of activities at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, run by Dr Ben Ashby with around 80 students from local high schools.

SmogOff development notes

We've been developing new air pollution sensors with real-time displays for on-street use, with support from researchers in health messaging and health impacts, and input from Cornwall Council.

Climate tool "highly commended" in the COP26 Climate Challenge Cup

The Climate Challenge Cup included finalists from across the US and UK and celebrated existing partnerships between research organisations, civic authorities and local communities. The Local Climate Adaptation Tool was was developed with researchers from Exeter University and Cornwall Council and showcased at COP26 in the Green Zone.

You can try it for yourself here: Local Climate Adaptation Tool

Creative ways to visualise/sonify air quality data

We've been looking for inspiration on creative ways to publicly display/sonify air pollution data, and have put together this short post to showcase some inventive ways that other people/organisations have chosen to visualise/sonify data.

Notes on sensor components for a low-cost air quality monitoring device

Poor air quality is an increasing global concern and has significant health impacts. For researchers and citizen scientists to monitor air quality effectively, they need access to air pollution sensors that collect reliable data. Commercial air quality monitoring devices are often expensive, and so many citizen science projects have turned to DIY devices assembled from affordable components. At Then Try This, we are looking to develop our own low-cost, portable …