Open call: Algorithmic Pattern research residency

We would like to host a paid resident to explore algorithmic patterns. Residencies are a chance to step away from your usual situation, working in new surroundings, on a new topic, for a short period of time. You can use the time to develop risky new ideas or develop an existing project, with our support.

Algorithmic patterns can be found in a diverse range of heritage and contemporary practices, prevalent in the performing arts and crafts. They are marked by having structural systems based on simple rules that when combined can produce works of astonishing complexity. Examples include drafts in shaft weaving, site swaps in juggling and teermana in Carnatic music, along with computer-based examples such as bytebeat and bitfields in the demo scene, and pattern-based live coding environments in electronic music performance. We hope this call will reach all those interested in patterns, whether or not they use computers in their work.

For further information and the application form, please see our Algorithmic Pattern website.