Viruscraft II

Viruscraft II is a game and installation for understanding how viruses co-evolve with their hosts, made in collaboration with Dr. Ben Ashby at the University of Bath.

Algorithmic Pattern

How can ancient and traditional approaches to pattern-making enrich contemporary creative technologies, making them more culturally grounded, usable, and more open to experiment, collaboration and change?

Administrative Research

Like most organisations, a large part of our day to day work is concerned with administration. Rather than seeing this as an irritating and inconvenient interruption from "Real Work", we consider it to be a research area in it's own right. The reason is that to ask even the simplest questions of administration is a political act, while submitting to the illusion that it is possible to 'float free' of …

Marvellous Mongoose Game

Together with researchers in the Banded Mongoose Research Project, we're making an online game to understand sociality and cooperation in mongooses.

Local Climate Adaptation Tool

We're working with the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, Cornwall Council, the NHS and emergency services to design a prototype tool to show climate change forecasts together with the health and wellbeing impacts.

The Great Bower Building Experiment

Bower birds are known for building ornate and impressive structures. We're running an experiment to see how people would build these bowers, given limited materials.


(Afro|Algo)futures is a mentoring programme for early career Black artists who want to explore the creative potential of live coding.

Wasps for farmers

Bespoke survey to look at the feasibility of encouraging farmers to view wasps as natural biocontrol agents for major crop pests.

Multi-Species Sward App

A system to make it easier for farmers to grow and monitor multi-species swards for more sustainable farming, increasing pollinator diversity, improving soil, and resulting in healthier livestock and less veterinary medication.