We are working towards a world with equitable access to knowledge, where thoughtful tools and interventions help us play with complexity and make better decisions, and environmental and social issues are centred and addressed with careful urgency. WHAT'S NEW

Local Climate Adaptation Tool

Prototype tool to show climate change forecasts together with the health and wellbeing impacts, exhibiting at COP26 and shortlisted for the Climate Challenge Cup, and made with the European Centre fo…


We've been awarded funding from Smartline (European Regional Development Funding) to develop and test some open source air pollution sensors with on-street data visualisation.

Algorithmic Pattern

How can ancient and traditional approaches to pattern-making enrich contemporary creative technologies, making them more culturally grounded, usable, and more open to experiment, collaboration and ch…

Viruscraft II

Viruscraft II is a game and installation for understanding how viruses co-evolve with their hosts, made in collaboration with Dr. Ben Ashby at the University of Bath.

Marvellous Mongoose Game

Together with researchers in the Banded Mongoose Research Project, we're making an online game to understand sociality and cooperation in mongooses.

The Great Bower Building Experiment

Bower birds are known for building ornate and impressive structures. We're running an experiment to see how people would build these bowers, given limited materials.


How can we make tools that help understand the ancient weaver's mind? How she calculated and solved the first recorded mathematical proofs, embedding them in pattern. How do certain forms of tec…


A mini-language for live coding pattern, Tidalcycles is for making music (among other patterned experiences) in terms of repetition, symmetry, interference and deviation. It's a free/open source…

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