We are working towards a world with equitable access to knowledge, where thoughtful tools and interventions help us play with complexity and make better decisions, and environmental and social issues are centred and addressed with careful urgency. WHAT'S NEW

If you have a project you'd like us to collaborate on or help you with, just get in touch. We work in lots of different ways:

  • Research projects - we often collaborate, and help with grant applications.
  • Fellowships - we can be the host organisation for a Future Leaders Fellowship.
  • Commissions - we often do commissions, like software, hardware, exhibitions, workshops and events.
  • Teaching - we regularly do guest teaching for universities all around the world.
  • Other project bids - we can lead or collaborate on projects that aren't research based, for example for Arts Council and National Lottery calls, and can support people to put their bids in.

Citizen Science for Epidemiology

We're starting a new collaboration with Dr. Matthew Silk at the University of Edinburgh, building a game to understand how social networks and decision making affect the spread of diseases.

Meadow Match

Meadow Match is a 'dating agency' for wildflower meadows, match-making 'donor' and 'receptor' sites of local wildflower seed and hay, to improve biodiversity.

Algorithmic Pattern

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship hosted at Then Try This, on how ancient and traditional approaches to pattern-making can enrich contemporary creative technologies.


A custom sample mashing app with Aphex Twin.

The Evidence Support Initiative

New approach for placing science researchers with their local councils, to help provide evidence for better decision making. Piloted and co-designed with cross-party councillors and researchers.

Social Microbes

Social Microbes is a collaboration between Then Try This and Dr. Elze Hesse. We have curated a series of funded residencies that will take place throughout 2023.


Open source air pollution sensors with on-street data visualisation, that can be left in public places alongside roads or in play parks, and used for local campaigning.

Cricket Tales

Crowdsourcing platform for tagging events in CCTV videos of insects, to understand insect personalities and how they might cope with climate change. Now under development for use in schools.


Developing a decision support tool for local governments as part of a 4 year Horizon Europe project looking at how to adapt to the health risks from coastal pathogens as our climate heats up.


A mini-language for live coding pattern, Tidalcycles is for making music (among other patterned experiences) in terms of repetition, symmetry, interference and deviation.

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