Social Microbes

Social Microbes is a new collaboration between Then Try This and Dr. Elze Hesse. Elze is a researcher working on the social behaviours of microbes, and how these behaviours could be changed through various interventions, in order to bring benefits like helping us to clean up mine waste, or helping crops to take up less heavy metals from polluted soil.

We have selected three Social Microbes residents who will work on the theme in 2023. The residency dates are now confirmed, in case you'd like to visit while they are running (you can email us to check availability):

  • Francesca Willow at Soul Farm: 12-19 May and 5-11 June 2023
  • Tiff Leek at Wheal Martyn: 26 June to 21 July 2023
  • Hattie Porter at the Fish Factory: 22-27 May and 14-20 June 2023

Each resident will be running events during their residencies, so keep an eye out for those being announced on our social media or mailing list, and below:

You can watch Elze's introductory talk for the residents to hear more about her research.

The details of the residency call are still available online, although it is now closed.

The project will continue with an AccessLab in 2024, and some citizen science with farmers from 2025-2028. All funded through Elze's UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.