Call for input - autism and microbes

One of our Social Microbes residents, Hat Porter has the following request for input into their residency project:

'If you are autistic, I’d love for you to answer 2 quick questions about how you feel about research on autism and microbes and what your priorities for autism research are".

You can find the form here, it is nice and short!

Hat will be making artwork incorporating and responding to everyone's thoughts and input.

poster is square with a plate orange background and white text. In the centre are 2 images of artworks on the left is a embroidery in the hoops in colours of orange, purple and pink, on the right is a soft sculpture  Text reads: Social microbes: using art to explore how autistic people view the acceptability and relevance of research on gut microbiota and autism Call for autistic people to answer 2 questions about how you view research about microbes and autism and your priorities for autism research. Artwork will be made in response to what you share. For more information and to respond please follow this link