Social Microbes - open a window under my feet

As part of the Social Microbes residency series, Francesca Willow will be performing her new choreography as well as installing pieces around Soul Farm. This will form part of a tour of the farm by its founder. This is open to anyone to come along, details below.

Soul Farm (Community Interest Company) is a 3.5-acre no-dig market farm growing seasonal vegetables near Flushing in the Falmouth area of Cornwall. It is a food justice-oriented, ecologically supportive organisation, organised around making good food accessible to all and around restoring local people’s relationships with the land.

Francesca Willow is a dance artist, writer and activist based in Cornwall. Her work aims to take a holistic approach to climate justice, culture, and regenerative futures. As a campaigner she focuses on removing the fossil fuel industry from arts and culture spaces, as a creative she is interested in connections between land and culture, and embracing different ways of interacting with the natural world. The overall aim of this residency with Soul Farm has been to increase people's experience of ‘nature relatedness’, the idea that the more we understand nature as a web we’re part of, rather than something outside of us, the better our mental well-being and the more likely we are to adopt eco-conscious behaviours.

The tours will take place at 10am and 2pm on 30 July 2023. You can either buy a £10 Sunday ticket (£5 for 12-17s, free for under 12s) as part of the Cornish Bank festival's community day, which gives you access to the rest of the festival as well, or if you'd only like to come to this part of it, drop us a message and you can come for free - we'll give you instructions when we reply. We'd like to encourage everyone coming to ditch the car, there isn't enough parking space and it's bad for the world anyway - it's a nice walk or cycle, and there are regular ferries over to Flushing from Falmouth.

These residencies are a collaboration with Dr. Elze Hesse, funded through Elze's UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.