Open source air pollution sensors with on-street data visualisation, that can be left in public places alongside roads or in play parks, and used for local campaigning.

Viruscraft II

Viruscraft II is a game and installation for understanding how viruses co-evolve with their hosts, made in collaboration with Dr. Ben Ashby at the University of Bath.

Algorithmic Pattern

UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship hosted at Then Try This, on how ancient and traditional approaches to pattern-making can enrich contemporary creative technologies.

Administrative Research

Like most organisations, a large part of our day to day work is concerned with administration. Rather than seeing this as an irritating and inconvenient interruption from "Real Work", we consider it to be a research area in it's own right. To ask even the simplest questions of administration can be a political act.

Marvellous Mongoose Game

Together with researchers in the Banded Mongoose Research Project, we've made an online game to understand sociality and cooperation in mongooses.

Local Climate Adaptation Tool

Tool for councils and the NHS to understand climate change forecasts and the resulting health and wellbeing impacts, exhibited at COP26 and shortlisted for the Climate Challenge Cup.

The Great Bower Building Experiment

Bower birds build impressive ornate structures. We ran a public experiment with Dr. Laura Kelley to try to replicate these, and built explorable Virtual Reality bowers. Funded by the Royal Society.

The Evidence Support Initiative

New approach for placing science researchers with their local councils, to help provide evidence for better decision making. Piloted and co-designed with cross-party councillors and researchers.


(Afro|Algo)futures is a mentoring programme for early career Black artists who want to explore the creative potential of live coding.