Algorithmic Pattern residents announcement

Following our recent open call for residents to join the Algorithmic Pattern project, we received 167 applications from people all over the world, with an exceptionally wide and interesting range of proposals. We're really happy to be able to announce the two selected residents: Anu Reddy and Geraldine Jones.

Anu Reddy

Photo of Anu

With the help of concepts like patterns, grammars, and symmetries, Anu describes her creative process as a back and forth translation between heritage craft and computation. Her work often results in one-off knotty things that put computation to unexpected uses. Some of her previous projects include QR code crocheted towels, a period tracker based on Islamic geometry, folk-embroidery-inspired two-factor authentication, and private encryption using crocheted keys. During this residency, Anu will continue her exploration into Kambi Kolam patterns (Kambi - continuous line shapes) through drawing, computation, and embroidery. She will also hold a public workshop to demystify Kolams through code. Anu is an advocate for open-source and collaborative technologies. You can find her work on her website:

Geraldine Jones

Photo of geraldine holding up a woven metal wire structure, with colourful ribbons threaded through it

Geraldine trained as a basket maker and will be developing ideas connecting cellular growth with spiral formations and the Fibonacci sequence. She will be studying algorithmic patterning in relation to the natural formation, by a mollusc, of its shell. During the residency she will also work with others from the Forces in Translation team, which was a 3 year programme spanning mathematics, anthropology and basket making - the programme has ended and this residency offers an opportunity to provide answers to some unfinished research questions. On the practical side, Geraldine will be weaving algorithmic patterns in stainless steel wire rope combining a basketry technique known as Cycloid Weaving with systems that she has developed. You can find Geraldine's work on her website:

The residencies are funded by UKRI as part of Dr. Alex McLean's Future Leader's Fellowship hosted at Then Try This.