BostAnlytics released

We've just done a full test-release of the Farm Crap App for Argentina, translated as BostAnlytics (bosta being the slang term for dung and anlytics hinting towards the analysis of the fertilisers).

We've made this for Dr. Robert Dunn at Rothamsted Research (funded by the BBSRC) to help farmers choose the right amount of different manures to spread on their fields, reducing dependencies on artificial fertilisers and also helping with the problems of over-fertilising.

The app's available on Android in English and Argentinian Spanish (automatic depending on the language your phone is in), and is free and open source as always. It's not fully tested yet, so if you install it and spot any problems, please let us know! You can download BostAnlytics here.

Screenshot of BostAnlytics app in spanish

Just to share a little of the process with you for how we make these things, we thought it might be nice to show you the two wireframing stages we went through (wireframing is basically just visually planning how something will look and work). This was a pretty small project, just simplifying and reworking something we'd made before, so the planning stage was very quick - but the process is normally fairly standard regardless of the complexity of a project. Starting with a sketch just to make sure we know what elements will be needed, this is a nice way to do things because it's so quick, no sense in putting a lot of time into making something look shiny until you have the basics down:

sketched wireframes and basic style elements for the app

Then once all the basic content is agreed, we make a more complete version, styled fairly closely to how the end result would look. This gives another chance to check everything is as it should be, and nothing's been missed or misunderstood. We don't touch any code until this stage is completed and signed off - we've found this approach makes it all much faster and easier for everyone to understand, otherwise we risk making small prototypes that then aren't used, which isn't a great use of time.

styled wireframes for 9 different views/pages of the app