2022 Studio Review

Our 2022 review is now available online. Featuring virus evolution, air pollution, Aphex Twin, algorithmic pattern, CCTV of insects, river citizen science, local government policy support, a climate change decision making tool, and a live coding book. Get in touch if you'd like a hard copy, or a stack of them for your institution, and we'll see if we can get those posted out to you in early 2023.

The UK remains a difficult place to run an organisation like ours, somehow we've kept going through austerity, brexit and a pandemic, with another wave of brutal austerity just beginning. We're not going to lie, it isn't always easy or fun, but we feel extraordinarily lucky that we can continue doing work that we feel is important - both in its own right and maybe to provide a little hope that things can be done very differently...

We have a bit of space for new collaborations and commissions in 2023, so give us a shout if you're interested in working together!

Photo of our logo on a round pink sign, with a peg board full of tools below it, and a hoya plant tangled around