Julieta Arancio

Dr. Julieta Arancio is a social scientist with a background in environmental science and many other hats, interested in how open source and a philosophy of the commons can transform the way we do science and technology. Her work has focused mainly on open science hardware, meaning open access to the designs of scientific instruments. She is a member of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH), with whom she has written policy recommendations and other community documents; she has also co-founded the Latin American Free/Libre technologies for science and education (reGOSH). She is one of the organisers of "Open Hardware Makers", a training and mentorship program for developers, and works as a consultant for the Appropedia Foundation on documentation workflows for open hardware and innovation. More recently, Julieta was consulted for the UNESCO 2021 Recommendation on Open Science and works on developing strategies and tools for open hardware support in research policy. Julieta is currently a postdoctoral researcher in science and technology studies in the Center for Science, Technology and Society at Drexel University (US), funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. She is working on a case study of the OpenFlexure Microscope, doing fieldwork in the UK at University of Bath, and in Tanzania at the Ifakara Health Institute. Her PhD, defended in March 2021, explored how academics, community scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs and artists are building an open hardware movement to democratise the tools of knowledge production. She joined Then Try This as a non-executive director in July 2022.