Open call for new Non-Executive Director

We are on the lookout for a third Non-Executive Director to join us!

About us

Then Try This currently has four people working full-time, with backgrounds in scientific research, policy, computer game and film R&D, programming and music. We have a fab team of two Non-Executive Directors: Jane Sutherland who brings substantial experience supporting creative organisations particularly in Cornwall, and Dr. Karen Anderson who brings expertise in environmental research and technology. Within our small team we have an age range of nearly 40 years, LGBTQI+ and chronic illness representation, and a wide range of social and economic backgrounds - we are mostly based in Cornwall, with one person working remotely from Sheffield.

About the role

The role involves one meeting every six months (usually max 2 hours long, and currently held online), to guide the direction of the organisation and provide oversight to make sure we're doing things the best way possible. We also email our Non-Execs occasionally when we have particularly important decisions to make about the organisation, or to seek advice on issues that they might have insight into. The role is initially held for 1 year.

By definition, Non-Executive Directors can not be paid, though if you have any expenses as a result of the role, these can be covered (e.g. travel). We realise this limits the pool of people who are able to take on the role, and hope we can repay your time by providing an interesting experience and helping out in return wherever we can.

About you

  • You understand what we do, and might already have ideas for how you think it could be better.
  • You're comfortable with us being not-for-profit, and all about open source and open access ways of working.
  • You care about climate change, the environment, inequality, and demonstrating (rather than just talking about) different ways of doing things.
  • You'll hopefully bring experience in something we don't already have - this could include building social movements, working on projects with social aims, accessibility, inclusion, or something else entirely.
  • You need to be UK-based, but this can be a fully remote role.

If you'd like to put your name down for consideration, you can fill in this short form, and if you'd like any extra information you can email us. There is also a separate form if you'd like to suggest someone for the role - this can be done anonymously if you like. We'll be closing this call on 23 May 2022.