AccessLab XR

A free AccessLab for anyone interested in climate change.

AccessLabs are for anyone who wants to learn how to find sources of scientific information and how to judge the reliability of these sources. It's also a chance to meet and connect with scientific researchers from your local area. No prior experience is necessary. During the workshop we will:

  • Look at how scientific research is published and how you can access it.
  • Cover basic fact-checking for media stories that relate to science.
  • Have time to co-research a science-related topic of your choice one-to-one with a paired researcher. This can be anything you like and is not limited to the theme of each workshop.

You can request help with any topic related to science (including social sciences) – finding out more about climate change and its impacts is a good example - previously we've had local councillors wanting to research the environmental impacts of new housing developments, community groups looking into behavioural change research, dancers researching injuries, and GPs researching nutritional advice for patients, so it really can be anything that is useful to you.

Instead of focusing on providing subject-specific information, we'll support you in understanding how you can find reliable information on topics that are relevant to you. This approach means that you'll be empowered to extend your learning to other issues of interest, and be able to pass on the skills you have learned. .

The workshop is free and is being provided voluntarily. If you would like to secure a place, send us an email

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