Online talk by Bekah Smith: Juggling 'siteswap' patterns

28 Jun 2022
Among her multiple talents, Bekah Smith is a professional juggler with 20 years experience, including touring and teaching around the world and co-founding her own circus. Passing juggling patterns is her speciality, using the siteswap …

Online talk by Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo: Live coding patterns

20 Jun 2022
Sarah GHP is a video artist and javascript developer based between Brooklyn and Berlin. She often takes her algorithmic visual art to the stage, creating it live with her handmade javascript framework La Habra, including …

Online talk by Manjunath B C: Konnakol

14 Jun 2022
Manjunath B C is a highly accomplished musician touring performances worldwide, including of the mridangam percussion instrument. On-line, he is perhaps best known as a strong proponent of Konnakol, the Carnatic tradition of reciting intricate …

Harnessing the power of community engagement in research

14 Jun 2022
Antony Brown will be sharing highlights from the ongoing Smogoff project at Harnessing the power of community engagement in research, part of the Peninsula Forum for Environment and Human Health 2022 at The European …

Online talk by Ron Eglash: The End of Innocence for Craft Grammars - why we need Decolonial Computing

07 Jun 2022
At one time, simulations of crafts were rare, and practitioners could claim a kind of innocence. With the MetaVerse, AI, and other computational invasions of every aspect of life, a decolonial approach to craft grammars …

Online talk by Vernelle Noel: Wire bending in Trinidad Carnival

31 May 2022
Vernelle Noel is an artist, architect and design researcher, and directs the the Situated Computation + Design Lab at Georgia Tech. Dr. Noel will share her work in and around preserving the otherwise undocumented living …

Online talk by Laura Devendorf: Weaving algorithmic patterns

24 May 2022
Designed to be a drafting tool for weavers, AdaCAD could also be viewed as a visual programming language for making generative art within the extremely rich constraints of frame and jacquard looms. Laura will introduce …

Evidence Support Initiative co-design session

10 Dec 2021
The Evidence Support Initiative is a project for partnering scientific researchers with their local councils, providing on-demand advice on scientific issues to fit the needs of councillors, and perhaps also passing on the skills to …

The future of citizen science: sharing experiences from the European community

24 Nov 2021 - 25 Nov 2021
We will be presenting the Sonic Kayaks at the "The future of citizen science: sharing experiences from the European community" online conference on Wednesday 24th November. Join us between 1 and 2pm CET to ask …

Robot maypole dancing - Looms in Motion

14 Oct 2021
Dance together safely in a pandemic by remote-controlling PENELOPE woven maypole dancing robots!This online event is part of the Looms in Motion festival. More information and sign up here.